Why Use a Travel Broker?

I am your personal and dedicated travel agent

There’s so many reasons why it’s a great idea to choose a travel broker, and better yet, the Kiwi Travel Guru.

Not only can I assist with accomplishing all your travel needs with great tour packages and travel deals, but I give you…

  1. A personal service

    Whether you come visit me, I go to see you, or we talk on the phone I’ll always take the time to identify your needs and discover the best way to meet them – personally.

  2. Flexibility

    Because I’m independent I can work around you and your schedule, making appointments out of work hours and even visiting your house or office.

  3. Fantastic value for your money!

    As I work in partnership with various wholesalers, I can tell you about all your available choices including special travel promotions and tour package deals. Better yet I can give you helpful insight as to the quality and value of particular products, ensuring that you get the right value and the right match.

  4. The insight and expertise of true travel professionals

    I’ll help you get the perfect holiday at the best price – and make the process enjoyable!

  5. Advocacy: I’m there for you before your trip, on your trip, and when you get back

    My job doesn’t end once your trip is booked. If you need any help when you’re on your trip I’m always just a phone call away, 24/7

  6. A vast and tantalizing selection of holidays, deals and tour packages

    Get access to a great range of holidays, fares, tour packages, and travel deals from a varied selection of travel suppliers.

  7. A convenient, one stop, travel booking experience

    Sit back and relax – I can organise all your airfares, visas, insurance, tour bookings, and bus or train passes! Making your travel preparation that much easier.

  8. Great time savings!

    Let me take care of all the technicalities such as airfares, visas, tour package bookings, and insurance and save yourself some time and stress.

  9. Reliable and unbiased information

    I don’t work for an airline or other travel supplier – I work for you. Your best interests always come first, meaning that with the Kiwi Travel Guru you won’t just get value, you’ll get uncompromising integrity.